“The greatest thing about Talem is that they are always there if you have a question or need additional training. Talem is a family.”

Curtis Padilla
Talem Franchise Partner

“My decision to become a franchise owner of Talem Home Care and Placement Services involved a nine-month journey. I researched a multitude of brands that covered all sizes and models. After intensively investigating dozens of brands, I decided on Talem Home Care. Since then, I have been proud to be a part of the team. Talem doesn’t just speak of empowering and leading seniors to achieve the highest quality of life, they live it each and every day.”

Aldon Purdham jr. & Lauralynn Purdham
Talem Franchise Partners

“Our franchise partners have dreams and goals of their own and having a hand in helping them accomplish those is massively important but more importantly it’s knowing that we are truly making a difference in today’s world.”

Jake Rankin
Talem Home Care & Placement Services
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