We both have had a passion to serve and help our clients throughout our careers. I worked as a teacher and coach and then for over 20 years worked as a sales rep. We both recently owned a franchise consulting business. Anne worked over 20 years as a Registered Dietitian in hospitals and nursing homes. Since Anne was a young girl, she has had a heart for seniors and loved being a companion for a family friend and her grandmother. I witnessed the challenges my parents faced as my mother needed to enter a nursing home where she received care for over 10 years. With our combined skills and passion to aid seniors and their families, we know that it takes more than just caring for a client. Their entire family needs to be sure that their loved one is in good hands. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing personalized care to our seniors and to give peace of mind to the family.

Kevin and Anne Worthington – Franchise Partners – New Haven CT

I feel in light of all the things we are dealing with as a nation to provide Home Care to some of the most vulnerable citizens in our country at this time is a unique opportunity. Talem has the platform to enable a franchisee to get started and not have the worry or consider for any of the back-office functions, so you can focus on the clients. It has been a rewarding experience to build a business of serving clients in the challenging times and with the support of the Talem brand.

Elliot Lekawa – Franchise Partner – Fort Collins CO

Elizabeth is a businesswoman with a strong commitment to improving life at home. Her passion for helping others find the right home and personalize that home brought her to the Home Care field. Elizabeth understands that thriving at home means having the right support. That is why she prides herself on constantly enriching and improving her qualified team of professionals that serve this community of which she and her family are a part.

Elizabeth is a dedicated family-oriented individual who made a decision almost a decade ago to move her family back to her hometown. As the eldest child and only daughter among four siblings, Elizabeth’s concerns about her aging parents were always on her mind. Returning to her hometown provided an opportunity for her children to connect with their grandparents and experience the same joys Elizabeth had in her childhood, living deep in the woods of the Farmington Valley.

Elizabeth recognizes the importance of spending quality time with her family, especially as they grow and transition. Her desire to give more of herself to her loved ones and create an environment where others can do the same led her to establish a company that provides elevated companion care services. Elizabeth is thrilled to be part of the Talem Home Care family, whose values align with hers, as everyone is someone’s loved one.

Elizabeth Vaca-Ranieri – Franchise Partner – Hartford CT

“My decision to become a franchise owner of Talem Home Care and Placement Services involved a nine-month journey. I researched a multitude of brands that covered all sizes and models. After intensively investigating dozens of brands, I decided on Talem Home Care. Since then, I have been proud to be a part of the team. Talem doesn’t just speak of empowering and leading seniors to achieve the highest quality of life, they live it each and every day.”

Aldon Purdham jr. & Lauralynn Purdham – Franchise Partners – Colorado Springs CO

“The greatest thing about Talem is that they are always there if you have a question or need additional training. Talem is a family.”

Tim Miller – Franchise Partner – Englewood CO
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