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What sets Talem Home Care apart from other home care franchise opportunities that are available?

At Talem Home Care, we designed our franchise model to be different than other home care providers. We looked closely at what worked and what didn’t and built a system that benefits both patients and franchise owners.

We offer larger territories, extensive training, unlimited ongoing support, and multiple revenue streams, all with the goal of providing better care and helping you build your business. We are passionate about helping others and everything we do is designed to empower people to experience the full joy of living.

What services do you offer? How is this different than other brands?

We recognize that the needs of the senior and disable population extend well beyond just in-home care. Our services include: Personal Care, Homemaker, Senior Placement Services, Specialty Care, PERS Services, and Veteran Services. This opens new revenue streams and makes it possible to provide more comprehensive care to your patients.

What services are available to Veterans?

Being a Veteran is a great honor and the most selfless sacrifice one could ever make. As a Veteran owned company, we are proud to partner with the VetAssist ® program to help Veterans navigate the health care options available to them, and to find funding for care through the VA.

We also offer a 10% discount off our franchise fees for all Veterans who wish to purchase a franchise.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing directly. However, if you are considering starting a Talem Home Care franchise and need help with funding, we can help you find and prequalify for financing. Our loan specialists will help you identify if you would be able to get a loan, long before you start the process of actual ownership. To see if you qualify, at no cost to you, please click here to get started and in 10 min you will be ready to go!

Do I need medical or healthcare experience?

We provide extensive training and ongoing support to prepare you to run your franchise. We also require all franchise owners become Certified Senior Advisors (CSA) ®. This helps to ensure that our patients are getting the right level of care. While previous healthcare experience isn’t required, it is beneficial, and we will be looking for people who demonstrate a passion for helping people and participating in their local communities.

What type of training is provided to new franchise owners?

We strongly believe that your success is paramount to our success as a company. To help prepare you for owning a franchise, we provide a minimum of 5 weeks of extensive training. This includes:

  • 2 weeks at our location
  • 2 weeks at your location
  • At least 1 week of self-guided or instructor led education

We also provide unlimited ongoing support at no extra cost. It does not make sense to withhold information or put barriers in place that limit your potential for success, so we are always available if you need us.

How much does it cost to open a Talem Home Care franchise?

While costs will vary depending on a number of factors, you should expect to invest between $77,200 and $158,500 to start your franchise. Full information is available on our Investment page.

Why is territory size so important? Is it protected?

When we were examining other franchise models it became clear that the territory size for franchisees was too small. It was limiting their potential for growth, reducing access to referral sources, and creating brand conflicts that damaged the reputation of the brand as a whole. Our territory sizes are 3-4 times larger than average and are protected so that you have the freedom to grow your business.

How much space do I need to open a Talem Home Care Franchise?

To start, you can work in a 350-500 square foot office. As you grow, you’ll need about 900 to 1,200 square feet to operate effectively. Initially, you can also choose to work from home.

Can I open more than one Talem Home Care franchise?

Yes, if you meet our criteria for multi-unit ownership. Our franchise advisors will be happy to discuss this with you.

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