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need-financingWhy should I Prequalify?

If you are considering starting a business and you need help with funding, we at Talem feel that the first thing you should do is get prequalified.

Much like when you are getting ready to buy a home, before you pick out your home, most people get prequalified to see how much of a down payment they will need and how much they will be allowed to borrow.

The same goes when starting a business. Our loan specialists will help you identify if you would be able to get a loan, long before you start the process of actual ownership. Once qualified, our specialists will continue to work with you in applying for and receiving your loan.

To see if you qualify, at no cost to you, please click here to get started and in 10 min you will be ready to go!

Already Prequalified? Click here to start your lending application!

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