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As my parents and grandparents age, I often think about the comparison between the struggles they face as they age and the struggles I faced growing up. For example, when I was a child, they were always telling me to be careful. I often heard “don’t climb that tree too high or you will fall” or “stop jumping on the bed before you fall”.  They were worried that I would hurt myself and break a bone.

I am sure that most of us remember similar conversations growing up. Now that I am older, I find myself having those same conversations, only this time it’s me worried about my parents’ safety. I finally understand what I put them through, but I have the same loving concern for their safety that they had for me.

The biggest concern for most older adults is staying independent and living at home as long as possible. The biggest threat to that independence is a simple slip and fall.  Here are some sobering facts:

  • Falls are the #1 cause of injury-related deaths for those 65 and
  • Every 18 seconds an older adult is in an emergency room being treated for a
  • For those over 65, the odds of falling are one-in-three.
  • Of those that are injured from a fall in a home, only 28% returned to their home after hospitalization; half require ongoing care in a skilled nursing
  • Over 9,000 Coloradans age 65 or older are hospitalized for fall-related

However, there is good news! There is something you can do to help prevent your loved ones from falling.  Research has shown that there are four main areas to address when preventing falls.  Those are:

1) vision screening; 2) home safety assessments and modifications; 3) medication reviews and modifications; and 4) services to improve physical mobility, agility, and balance. Focusing on one of these areas however, is not enough.  A combination of all four of the areas is the best approach.

The problem is that these services are typically offered by different providers and they are fragmented. The question then becomes: Is there one place where I can go to get all the resources, answers, and help with the coordination of all of these services?

The answer is YES! Talem Home Care is a FREE referral service for those who need access to fall prevention services. Trusted experts in keeping loved ones safe and independent at home, Talem Home Care is  dedicated and committed to reducing falls by providing fall prevention services and education.

The time to act is now. Every day that goes by could increase the possibility of our loved ones getting hurt. Call Talem Home Care TODAY at 720-789-7350 or visit them at

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